Building HR. Driving Business Results.

My solutions are designed to help small and medium-sized businesses across all industries enhance their organizational performance through the implementation of creative and cost-effective HR programs and strategies.
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Who Am I?

I specialize in partnering with emerging businesses, startups and entrepreneurial organizations that require a “high touch” approach to Human Resources. I also partner with organizations that have recently experienced explosive growth due to mergers or acquisitions.

I do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Rather, I customize solutions based on organizational priorities and budget, creating HR success by working directly with your team on the ground.

Creating HR success through customized solutions.

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Serve as partner to the Executive Management team in defining the HR function and role in the company. By establishing an HR presence and solid HR infrastructure early, companies will be better equipped to scale and add future talent effectively.


Work closely with HR & Senior Leaders in establishing appropriate policies, programs, and procedures to ensure that financial objectives, goals and institutional growth of the company are being met.


Thoroughly review all people, programs, and policies for regulatory compliance, as well as best-practices and make recommendations to Senior Team as needed.


Facilitate customized training and development programs for managers and leaders, which move individuals into action.


From training to benefits to regulatory compliance, and everything in between, I’m here to help you create HR success.